Work History

  • Healthium Technologies

    chief engineer architect

    (2019 - present) | Ecublens, Switzerland

    developed SHQ-ledger, and launched weareable lab-on-chip project to feed medical research with personalized data, while still preserving security and privacy for the patient.

  • GC-Bank

    distributed ledger architect

    (2018 - present) | Ecublens, Switzerland

    developed cryptocurrencies and ledger technologies; architect blockRings™ for Data Commons Systems; develop participatory token for collective; launched CERES platform as a transformative economy experiment; issued the first cryptomorphic currency LVC for a Festival in Miami; setup GC-bank portfolio and associated coin forge for minted currencies; developed non-proof of work blockchains; invented smart litigation and proof of witness for solution to double spending, and proof of membership for authentication, developed non-consensus based ledger as byzantine resistant system; developed system robust to Sybil attack for identity management.

  • 2018

    Intel Corp.

    Lead Electrical Engineer R&D Architect

    (2015 - 2018) | Lausanne, Switzerland

    developed light weight smart glasses; deploy production validation and characterization flow on manufacture line; build and Reamp up volume for Vaunt smart glasses;

  • 2015

    Lemoptix S.A.

    Head of Electrical Engineering

    (2012 - 2015) | Lausanne, Switzerland

    designed MEMs electronic control and drive algorythm. Developed picoprojector, wearable, Head up Displays; architect mems based picoprojector plateform, lead prototyping team; supervise Design and Manufacture of Headup displays, companion projectors and monochrome holographic glasses; lead the Engineegimg Team responsible for design of company chipset.

  • 2012

    Intersil Inc.

    Principal Engineer

    (2010 - 2011) | Milpitas, USA

    developed laser drivers, reference design, video processor; build reference designs for pico-projector, prepared CES demos ( worked with major customers in the field Syndiant, Micron, LGE, MVIS, Bosh, bTendo ); defined ARM based video processor architecture for MEMs scanner display systems, geometric correction, mixed signal servoing of laser beams, temperature and power management, white balance contolled loops; published datasheet and supporting documentations for products release; designed drivers for native / direct green lasers (Nishia, Soraa, OSRAM).

  • 2008

    Spatial Photonics Inc.

    Sr. Electrical Engineering Manager

    (2006 - 2008) | Sunnyvale, USA

    developed pico-projectors and MEMs displays; developed FPGA demonstration boards for MEMs technology display; assembled bulk DC convertor for high efficiency LED illumination; developed algorithm for pixel rendering in a video system using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM); coded RTL for a dithered gamma correction module; directed LED projector System Architecture team.

  • 2006

    Reflectivity Corp.

    Principal Electrical Engineer

    (2003 - 2006) | Mountain View, USA

    developed Image Quality Algorithm for HDTV; developed algorithm for pixel rendering in a video system using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM); implemented flash-based and FSM-based PWM sequencers on Spartan3 board; determined color filter optimization design rules using CIE-1976 space.

  • Orient Direct Inc.

    ASIC Engineer

    (2003 - 2003) | Santa Cruz, USA

    developed embedded still camera; programmed de-mosaïcing and image processing unit design; designed DDR arbiter between graphic CPU, memory and imager; developed video auto-white balance algorithm; oversaw prototype manufacturing for a wrist watch camera.

  • 2002

    APT Technologies Inc.

    Mixed Signal Design Director

    (2001 - 2002) | SantaCruz, USA

    developed Serial ATA / High Speed IOs and switches; directed the Analog design Group of APT technologies; architected Out-of-Band Signaling for HDD / IDE interface; managed analog filters amplifiers, voltage references, signal detection and Gibabit SERDES module designs; prototyped Serial-ATA host bus adapter and routers enabling RAID and SCSI low cost solutions; deployed ASIC methodology and provided tools and EDA support to the company; supported Layout design, chip integration, verilog coding, modelsim and SPICE simulations, synplify, leonardo synthesis, place and route, design space exploration and optimization script using AI/CI technology; co-edited Serial ATA early specification and pushed standard.

  • 2001

    Infineon Technologies Corp.

    System On Chip Integration Manager

    (1999 - 2001) | SantaCruz, USA

    developed Read/Write Channel, HDD Controller; lead SoC integration team to acheive a "one-chip" disk drive; Defined test plan and validation strategy for HDD Controller; managed IC design team to implement SATA PHY and Transport layers; coded, simulated, and evaluated MAC module for HDD controller.

  • 1999

    Texas Instruments Corp.

    Digital Design Team Manager - MGTS

    (1995 - 1999) | Dallas, USA / Nice, France

    Mentored group design activity by establishing methodology and procedures that ensured a high-level quality product using state-of-the-art tools; designed HDD (700MHz) high performance architectures (Viterbi decoder) and fast arithmetic units; took full ownership of DSP+ARM mega-modules electrical design (tremendous success: 220M units); globally promoted an electrical "know-how" throughout his team and other organizations around the world: France, Italy, Japan, Houston, Chicago; defined the design strategy for new wireless product generations by providing specifications, end-user guidelines, tools, flows and trainings; participated in the cost reduction definition process and advanced libraries via technology steering committee.

  • 1994

    Bull S.A.

    Integrated Circuits Development Engineer

    (1990 - 1994) | Les Clayes-sous-Bois, France

    Pioneered using Delay Locked Loop (DLL) for clock recovery and full digital PLLs; designed and architected various mixed-signal complex circuits: a 0.5u CMOS prototype for 1.2Gb/s serial link compatible IEEE 1355, a 0.8u packet-switching router 8Gbps, super scalar RISC micro processor, and a delta-sigma audio­band analog to digital converter (TMS320AD50); designed key modules: asynchronous FIFOs, registers banks, Digital PLLs, and a 32b VLIW execution unit.

Education History

  • 1994

    Pierre & Marie Curie University

    Ph.D. , Micro Electronics & Engineering

    (1991 - 1994) | Paris, France

    Phase and Delay Locked Loop

  • 1991

    Electronics Superior Institute of Paris

    Master , Computer Engineering

    (1989 - 1991) | Paris, France

Professional Skills

  • Team Leadership / People Skill
  • System Architect
  • Deep Learning & Big Data
  • Blockchain / Ledger Technologies
  • Software Dev.
  • Hardware Dev.
  • Perl, Python, Javascript, Verilog, ...

Language Skills

  • ProfessionalEnglish
  • NativeFrench
  • LimitedGerman